Review : s-view cover case (ascendeo) for Samsung Galaxy S4

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

This accessory is half case, half battery cover. Indeed, it’s a not case that we will put around the phone but it’s a battery cover with a flap. It will replace the original battery cover. Therefore, we can expect it to be similar or really close to the original. And that’s how it is : the original battery cover of the Galaxy S IV is honeycombed and this one too (which is not the case of the s-vew version you can find on ebay).
The flap is honeycombed too and has a window (the ebay version has an hole…). Even if it’s made by another factory, this model is designed by Samsung : no surprise, it has a perfect fit. We can notice that the battery cover is a little bit thicker than the original one. This made it flat (in opposite, the original one has a little relief near to the camera).

Usability :

First of all, this case know how to be discrete. You even can feel any additional weight. The windows allow you to use all the s-view capabilities (get a call, display time and date, the alarm, …). If you added some widgets to your lock screen (like me) this case will make them useless. Indeed, if you use the security-less lock screen, the phone will automatically unlock itself when you open the case.
When closed, you can access to all plugs and buttons, except the volume button.
This case does not give any protection if your phone fall. However, the screen is perfectly protected. The flap is quality made. Even after an intensive use, it remain in its original state (even on it side).
Be carefull, if some dusts stays betwen your screen and the plastic window, you may have scratches.

Conclusion :

This great quality product, designed by Samsung allow you to exploit an innovative functionality of the Galaxy S4. It’s an ideal companion to your Galaxy S4, even if you miss some Android Jelly Bean features.
So yes, this case is way more expensive than an “counterfeit” ebay one, but for having them both, there is no possible comparison: forget ebay

We like We dislike
  • Look the same as the original
  • Excellent materials quality
  • The s-view
  • Make useless any lock screen widget (this is because of the s-view concept, not because of the case)

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this s-view case for around 40€


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