Review : Noreve tradition Sand vintage case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

You may already know it, noreve is synonym of quality. Their “common” leather are blameless. But what about the vintage leather ? To recap, the vintage leather is a artificially aged leather whose particularity is to scratch easily. But take care, artificially aged does not mean damaged. And this is the reason why getting a good vintage leather is so hard. Hard but not impossible. Noreve proves it with this perfectly balanced leather, which scratch without damage and which does not look like they  rub it on the tarmac for the desired effect. The phone perfectly fit in this case adjusted micron. The cuts for all buttons are well sized and the flap is easy to close. To note: the first 15/20 initial open/close are a bit harder but it is only before the case adjust itself to the phone. The protection is perfect, no corner are “naked” and the stuffing will well absorb chocs.

Usability :

The case seems a bit thick but we quickly get used to that and it grip amazingly in the hand. The model looks classic but, actually has some really interesting points. First is the small hole on the flap where the notification LED is. This is genius: it is so frustrating to have to open the case in order to see if we have new messages. The join between the flat and the case has also an hole. This is pretty handy as you can reload the phone without opening the flat. Of course, you can’t open the flap while the cable is plugged in.

Conclusion :

A case with a great quality and an amazing vintage leather. This is what I call “haute couture”!

We like We dislike
  • The quality of the vintage leather
  • The hole for the LED and for charging the phone
  • The protection
  • Nothing

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this noreve tradition sand vintage case for around 60€


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