Review : noreve tradition case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

As usual with Noreve, this case has a very high quality. The leather is thick and robust, cuts are perfectly adjusted and the shape is perfectly fitting.
The protection is optimal and you might be really unlucky for scratching your phone while using that case.
A hole on the flap let us see a big part of the screen. The hole is not filled with a “glass”.
Buttons are usable without trouble and a hole in the bottom of the flap is supposed to allow charging without opening the case.

Usability :

I said “supposed” because, it is not really usable. The Galaxy S5 has a sealing “cap” on the plug. This cap is almost impossible to open when the case is closed. A small design error which we will easily forgive thanks to the overall quality and usability.
The case just adds a little bit of thickness and provides a very good grip. Those who are always afraid to have the phone slips out of their hands will be less stressed.
The extra weight is minimal and you forget it quickly. It reinforces the feeling of strength.
The hole on the flap can have both advantage and disadvantage ; Indeed, it does not protect a big part of the screen. In other hand, if there was a “glass”, the screen might have been scratched too (it happens to me once: a dust in between the flap and the screen was stronger than the gorilla glass).

Note: If you have the Samsung Wireless Charging kit, the new battery cover is thicker, therefore the phone does not fit in the case anymore.

Conclusion :

A wonderful case. Ok, there is a small mistake in the design but it is really minor comparing to the bunch of qualities. The case is not usable with wireless charging, but no cases are (except if specifically designed for it).

We like We dislike
  • Perfect finish
  • The hole on the flap
  • Ultra high quality leather
  • Hole for the charging the phone useless
  • The hole on the flap

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this noreve tradition case for around 45€


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