Review : Noreve Tradition case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

As usual, noreve deliver a product with an amazing quality. The leather has a really good quality. There is almost no visible seams (the only visible ones are near to the hinge). There is also no visible plastic part : everything is covered by leather.
The cuts has been smartly thought and are usable.
I am a bit less fan of the over-sized cut around the camera lens., even if this prevent any trouble with the flash and during a camera shot.
The design is sober. Basic black leather. Just the noreve logo in the top left corner attracts the eye and confirms to who still don’t know that its not a low end case.

Usability :

Inserting the smartphone inside is not so easy : noreve has chosen a shell which borders didn’t cover the front face of the phone. This imply the shell to “pinch” the smartphone sides. It’s an aesthetic choice but it surprised when inserting the phone for the first time, because it seems to not fit and made me wonder if it’s really maintained. I dropped the phone a couple of times to be sure and I can confirm, the case maintain the very the phone.
At usage, I really enjoyed the small cut around the notification LED : especially useful and avoids you to open the case in order to check if there is some new notification to watch for.
The jack plug and side buttons are easy to access and the case does not give any discomfort to use them because there is enough space between the cut border and the button.
Same for the S-pen which you can easily access with the case opened or closed. It’s a very important thing on a case for SGN2.
However, there is no cut for the micro-usb plug. Was it forgotten or a real choice from noreve? This needs to make a hole in the middle of the hinge but still really less disturbing for a daily use, because currently we need to open the case in order to charge or for connecting the phone to a computer.

Conclusion :

Functionally and aesthetic, this case is very successful and protects very well the smartphone. I particularly liked the cut around the notification.
The only real bad point is the non-access to the micro-usb plug. Having to keep the case opened for charging the phone is really painful.

We like We dislike
  • Being able to see the notifications without opening the case
  • The quality and finishes are blameless
  • No cut to access to the micro-usb plug

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this noreve tradition case for around 50€


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    Grazie mille ^^Essì, sono decisamente d’accordo E poi finalmente potremo avere un bel set completamente ispirato ai disegni di Sadamoto, piuttosto che al character design de71#&82ll;anime!!


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