Review : noreve tradition b case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

Unpacking a noreve case is always a great time. The quality of materials used provides an inimitable feeling.

This Tradition B cover is not an exception. The leather is thick, soft and the touch is very nice. Unsurprisingly, the cuts and seams are perfects.

The flap opens to the left, like a book. A small magnetic leather strap ensures to maintain it closed.
The flap has 3 credit card sized pockets and a larger one. At the back of the case, there is a stand as you often found on tablet’s covers. The idea is really good because with such a large screen as the S4, watching video becomes a real pleasure. But it also have an half-drawback: The back of the cover is two times thicker than usual. Why half? All-simply because this excess thickness also provides ultra reinforced fall protection (and this is the whole purpose of a case).

Usability :

Beside the surprise of due to the thickness of the phone when it’s in the case (triple thick as the phone was), the use is quite nice. The magnetic close system is very simple and let you close the case without having to “fumble”.
The opening mode (book-type) appears to provide an excellent grip, especially when taking pictures in landscape mode.
The stand is nice for when watching a video, but the leather strap (used to keep the case closed) annoyingly fall over the screen.
The pockets are quite handy but the failure of previous models is still valid: the two highest pockets are too deep and the credit card may be lost.

Please also note that the micro-usb plug, jack and power button are accessible without opening the cover.

Conclusion :

In the end, this case does not compromise with quality and provides highly efficient protection.
When the phone is clipped in, it seems indestructible.
However the use of some points are a little disappointing (such as pockets or stand).
Anyway, without hesitation I would recommend this case to an awkward that want a huge protection and to offer their phone a luxury case.

We like We dislike
  • The quality of the leather, cutouts, seams
  • The ultra efficient protection
  • The thickness (but which is ultimately also a strong point)
  • Too deep pockets

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this noreve tradition b case for around 55€


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2 comments on “Review : noreve tradition b case for Samsung Galaxy S4
  1. Jonathan LOUIS says:

    J’ai commandé un housse pour galaxy s3 chez eux, les délais annoncé n’ont pas été respectés.

    Une fois le produit reçu, je me suis aperçu de la très mauvais qualité par rapport au prix extremement cher, mon produit est arrive deja abimé, j’ai du le renvoyer il m’en on envoyé un autre d’une autre gamme moins chère sans me rembourser la différence.
    J’ai payé les frais de renvoi de ma poche car ils ne sont pas capable de préciser dans leurs mails qu’en pièce jointe sous un titre improbable il y a une étiquette de retour.

    Depuis lettre morte plus aucune nouvelle d’eux, ils ne répondent pas aux mails, et me propose comme seul este commercial une réduction sur leurs produits, etune carte VIP.

    Cette entreprise est , de mon avis , A éviter absolument si l’on cherche une housse de qualité dans un bon cuir.

  2. jamess kofol says:

    Merci pour les précieuses informations


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