Review : Cremieux Snow Slim case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

The box states a “thin and elegant case” and it’s true. The first things I thought when I took it out of the box is : “woow that’s luxury”. The leather is thick and soft, seams are neat and cuts are perfectly adjusted. The inside of the flap is suede which helps to keep your screen clean.
The case is provided with a screen protector. All plugs and buttons are accessible without opening the case.

Usability :

Right after placing the phone inside it, we got a feeling of harmony. The case is like a second skin. And this feeling is verified the first time we open the flap : the phone switch on and unlock it-self (if you use the security-less lock screen). Yeah, that’s a really good surprise. Even if the case does not have any “s-view window” it still have the s-view functionality. Bravo!
Please note that because of the s-view functions, lock screen widgets will be useless.

The flap is easy to open and close but stay perfectly in place during a fall. The protection is maximized, inasmuch as all 4 corner of the phone are also well protected (it’s the most sensitive part during a fall).

Being able to access all buttons and plug even if the case is close is really useful, specially for charging the phone.

The screen protector is a good quality. It does not “keep” to much fingerprints and it is really soft (more or less 48h after placing it).

Conclusion :

The quality of the leather, with the s-view mode made this case a product with a rare quality. And even if we lost lock-screen widgets, it’s nothing comparing to all the gains.

We like We dislike
  • The leather quality
  • The free screen protector
  • The perfect protection
  • The s-view mode
  • Lock screen widget are useless (but it’s because of the s-view functionality, not because of the case)

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this Cremieux Snow Slim case for around 25€


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One comment on “Review : Cremieux Snow Slim case for Samsung Galaxy S4
  1. Olwyn Gibson says:

    I bought the white leather cremieux phone cover while in France recently. I had dropped my phone in another case and because the corners of the phone weren’t protected the led (?) screen was totally damaged (no outward cracks on the screen at all!). I was devastated so began searching for a cover which would protect my Samsung Galaxy S4 better. This is it – totally brilliant – and it feels sooooo good in your hand. I wish I could get the same cover for my iPad. They don’t seem to be available on the British market either – sad :-(


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