Review : Power Bank Case case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Unboxing and handling :

Quality :

The quality of the case is more than OK for this price. Certainly the flap is a little bit too lousy, and the plastic looks fragile (but it is not). But in the mean time, this case offers you a good protection and a 3200mA power supply for the half of the price of a Samsung s-view case.
The cuts are adjusted and there is some holes to avoid muting the microphone and the speaker.
The case adds some weight but compensate it with a good grip. The flap is a little bit too lousy but that does not affect the use.

The phone fits relatively easily into the case and, once established, is maintained.

Usability :

This case provides a stand supposed to maintain the phone in the right angle for videos. In practical, it is not usable as it does not provide enough stability.
Activating the battery is done thanks to the button at bottom right. DELs will show you the current state of the battery.
Note that it is definitively doable to load the phone via a cable while the case is used.
Of course, using this case will not allow you to use the NFC. In other hand, it adds real big gain in autonomy.

Conclusion :

THE survival case by excellence. To recommend for all compulsive photographers, social networks addicts and gamers. You will never run out of energy.

We like We dislike
  • The autonomy gain
  • Easy to use
  • The price
  • useless stand
  • flap too lousy

Pictures :

Shopping :

You can buy this Power Bank case for around 28€


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